Patient Information

What does an Endoscopy entail?

Our specialist surgeons will use an endoscope to examine your insides (be it your oesophagus, stomach and/or sections of your intestine). Endoscopies allow our surgeons to investigate; looking for irritation, bleeding, ulcers and growths. Our surgeons like to treat on-the-spot, where possible, to reduce repeat procedures.

Patient preparation

  • You will have to fast for 12 hours prior.
  • You may be asked to take laxatives if investigating the gut.
  • Your doctor may give you a mouth spray or numb your mouth as well, prior to the procedure.
  • You will be put under sedation before your endoscopy.


  • Like any procedure, there is a small risk when being sedated.
  • There’s a small chance there can be a perforation in the lining of the stomach or oesophagus.
  • Your surgeon will discuss these risks with you.


  • The biggest benefit is in the possibility of diagnosis.
  • One day treatment is another possible benefit. Not all surgeons will treat on the day, rather they’ll just identify, but not remove.
  • As experienced experts, both surgeons are happy to remove when appropriate.

Why choose Subspecialist Endoscopy Services?

Modern surgical solutions make your procedure as painless and streamlined as possible with:

  • Quality endoscopy service under no time pressure.
  • Advanced endoscopies are provided by experienced surgeons
  • Surgeons use advanced optics using narrowband imaging.
  • This, paired with expert and careful planning, may lead to a reduction of repeat procedures as our surgeons are happy to take the time to remove something they’ve identified.
  • Comprehensive, timely communication.


Why do I need to prepare for a colonoscopy?

It is crucial for the colon to be completely clean to allow the doctor to clearly see the inside of the colon (large intestine) and to look for any abnormalities.
Bowel Preparation Instructions

Can I drive home after?

You will not be able to drive home as endoscopies will involve sedation and you may be groggy.

How long will I be off work?

Just for the day, again, due to the sedation.

How long will it take?

An upper endoscopy takes between 10-15 minutes and patients remain in the recovery area 30-40 minutes after their procedure.

Will it hurt?

As you will be sedated you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. There may be a little bit of discomfort prior to the procedure. The modern tools used in our surgery ensure the minimisation of any pain.
For your convenience we have prepared a patient information sheet you can give to your patients.